Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Pine Cone Turkeys!

It's Thanksgiving!

In the midst of cooking turkeys and tofu, smashing potatoes, opening cans of cranberry sauce with the ridges on the jellied-cylinder, drizzling honey on cornbread, baking pumpkins into pie, and opening the wine might be thinking "with all the thanks for all this food grown from the Earth, how could I possibly connect to nature any more?!?"

How could you possibly not find more ways to connect to nature!?! Tis the season when plants sprinkle the landscape with their seeds, and evergreen trees (conifers) drop cones (their reproductive organs). I think pine cones are one of the perfect natural treasures to collect while out and about.

With a pine cone, pipe-cleaners, small objects for eyes, some glue, your imagination, and the inspiration pictured (and the kids in your life) can connect a little more to nature with a teeny-tiny turkey!

Turkeys pictured were made today by some of the creative and inspiring teen Ambassadors of Urban Wilderness that I work with in an After School Matters' science program in Chicago.

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